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Updated: 29 September 2019

Launching 10400 Supplemental Diagrams suite

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10400 Supplementary Diagrams


The 10400 Supplementary Diagrams is a suite of ebooks developed to compliment the SANS 10400 Deemed-to-Satisfy suite of documents used by built environment professionals to design compliance into buildings.

The 10400 Supplemental Diagrams series of ebooks attempts to provide a diagrammatic interpretation of various written provisions contained in the SANS 10400 Deemed-to-Satisfy documents to enhance the understanding of the content of the standards and thereby improve the application of the provisions by architectural professionals and students in the built environment profession.

The 10400 Supplemental Diagrams ebooks are designed to be read in conjunction with the SANS 10400 Deemed-to-Satisfy suite of standards.  The 10400 Supplementary Diagrams are not a substitute or replacement for the SANS 10400 documents.

The SANS 10400 Deemed-to-Satisfy standards can be purchased directly from the SA Bureau of Standards.

The ebooks will be available for purchase as stand-alone executable files for use on MS Windows based PC’s. A Demo version is available for download to give a taste of what is being developed.

For a preview of the content of the various 10400 Supplemental Diagrams ebooks visit the 10400 Supplemental Diagrams Downloads page for more information.