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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part A. Administration

A12. Street Levels

1. Where any building is to be erected on a site abutting a constructed street the owner of such building shall, subject to the requirements of subregulation (3), erect such building in accordance with the levels of such street.


(a) Where any portion of any street abutting the site on which any building is to be erected has not been constructed the owner of such building shall request, in writing, from the local authority the levels at which such portion of the street is intended to be constructed.

(b) The local authority shall, where in its opinion it is practicable for it so to do and within 21 days after receipt of a request contemplated in paragraph (a), supply the required levels.

(c) If the local authority is unable to comply with the provisions of paragraph (b) it shall notify such owner, in writing, to that effect.

3. Where any street has been constructed, but in the opinion of the local authority is likely to be reconstructed at levels different from its existing levels, the local authority shall give notice of such fact to such owner, and in such notice it shall, if possible, supply the levels at which such portion of such street will be reconstructed.

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