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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part A. Administration

A23. Temporary Buildings

1. On receipt of any application to erect a building which the applicant has declared to be a temporary building, the local authority may, subject to the provisions of subregulations (2), (3) and (4), grant provisional authorization to the applicant to proceed with the erection of such building in accordance with any conditions or directions specified in such authorization.

2. Before granting such authorisation the local authority may require the submission of -

(a) a statement of the period for which authorization is required;

(b) a site plan;

(c) layout drawings in sufficient detail to enable the local authority to determine the general size, form, materials of construction and use of the proposed building; and

(d) any structural detail required by the local authority to determine the structural safety of the proposed building.

3. The local authority shall grant the authorization contemplated in subregulation (1) for a limited period, to be determined with regard to the period specified by the applicant.

4. The local authority may at the request of the owner grant approval for one or more extensions of the period contemplated in subregulation (3): Provided that where it is intended that the public should have access to such building each such request shall be accompanied by a certificate signed by an approved competent person, indicating that the condition of the structural system is satisfactory.

5. The owner of such building may, not later than the last day of the period contemplated in subregulation (3), submit to the local authority such additional plans and details as required by the local authority in order to consider an application in terms of section 4 of the Act.

6. Where such local authority has granted approval in respect of an application contemplated in subregulation (5) the owner shall submit to the local authority an affidavit stating that any part of such building erected in terms of the provisional authorization has been erected in accordance with the plans and details contemplated in subregulation (5).

7. If any plans and details contemplated in subregulation (5) have not been submitted to such local authority or if such local authority has refused to grant approval in respect thereof, the owner shall forthwith remove or demolish such building.

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