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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part A. Administration

A6. Site Plans

Any site plan contemplated in regulation A2(1)(a) shall fully and clearly contain the following information, where applicable:


(i) The dimensions of the site on which the building is to be erected;

(ii) the boundaries of such site;

(iii) the dimensioned position of any building line; and

(iv) the position and width of any servitude or right of way to which such site is subject;

(b) the registered number or other designation of such site;

(c) the direction of true north, and if required by the local authority, the natural ground contours at suitable vertical intervals or spot levels at each corner of such site;

(d) the name of the street upon which such site abuts;

(e) the location of -

(i) any municipal service and any connection point thereto; and

(ii) any drain, stormwater drain, or surface channel existing upon such site;

(f) the location of -

(i) the proposed building;

(ii) any existing building; and

(iii) any building proposed to be demolished;


(i) any existing and intended point of access from any public street; and

(ii) the location of any street tree, street furniture, apparatus or equipment relative to such access.

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