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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part A. Administration

A7. Layout Drawing

Any layout drawing contemplated in regulation A2(1)(b) shall indicate the occupancy classification, and shall consist of as many plans, sections, elevations and such other details as may be necessary to show.

(a) foundations, floors, walls, fixed and openable windows, fanlights, louvres and other ventilating devices, artificial ventilation systems including any cooling tower or plantroom, doors, stairs, roofs and chimneys;

(b) sanitary fixtures;

(c) structural members required in terms of regulation A4(1)(a);

(d) the intended use and horizontal and vertical dimensions of rooms or other spaces;

(e) all details relating to the facilities provided for persons with disabilities;

(f) where fixed seating is provided -

(i) the layout of all rows, seats and aisles;

(ii) the position of all exit doors; and

(iii) the total number of seats;

(g) details of the position, dimensions and materials of damp-proofing;

(h) the location, levels and size of any paved areas adjacent to the building;

(i) where required by the local authority, contours of the site and the levels of any adjoining verge of any roadway, together with a section along the length of any vehicle driveway, which shall show the relative levels and gradients;

(j) where required by the local authority, the levels of the floors relative to one another and to -

(i) the existing ground surface;

(ii) the proposed finished ground surface;

(iii) the surface of any public place or public street at the boundary of the site; and

(iv) all street levels supplied in terms of regulation A12;

(k) stormwater drainage on the site, where such drainage is required by the local authority;

(l) details of any special provisions, required in terms of these regulations, for disabled persons.

(m) where provided, the location, type and capacity of water heating installations; and

(n) where provided, details of fenestration and insulation required to satisfy the energy usage requirements of regulation XA.

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