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Updated: 29 September 2019

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9. Appeal against Decision of Local Authority

1. Any person who -

(a) feels aggrieved by the refusal of a local authority to grant approval referred to in section 7 in respect of the erection of a building;

(b) feels aggrieved by any notice of prohibition referred to in section 10; or

(c) disputes the interpretation or application by a local authority of any national building regulation or any other building regulation or bylaw,

may, within the period, in the manner and upon payment of the fees prescribed by regulation, appeal to a review board.

2. The review board referred to in subsection (1) shall consist of -

(a) a chairman designated by the Minister; and

(b) two persons appointed for the purpose of any particular appeal by the said chairman from persons whose names are on a list compiled in the manner prescribed by regulation.

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Concourt decision i.r.o this section of the NBR.

Concourt judgment media release : link,

Concourt judgement : link,

Original High Court judgment : link.