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Updated: 29 September 2019

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10. Administrative Powers of Council

The council may -

(a) determine the remuneration and allowances payable to its members or the members of any committee of the council after consultation with the CBE;

(b) arrange for the payment of pension and other benefits to any staff of the council or the registrar and to his or her dependants on the termination of the service of a staff member or the registrar;

(c) determine where its head office must be situated;

(d) determine the manner in which meetings of the council or any committee of the council must be convened, the procedure and quorum at such meetings and the manner in which the minutes of such meetings must be kept: and

(e) print, circulate, sell and administer the publication of, and generally take any steps necessary to publish, any publication relating to the architectural profession and related matters.

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