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Updated: 29 September 2019

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12. Powers of Council with Regard to Fees and Charges

1. The council may, with regard to fees and charges, which are payable to the council, determine -

(a) application fees;

(b) registration fees:

(c) annual fees, or portion thereof, in respect of a part of a year;

(d) the date on which any fee or charge is payable;

(e) the fees, or portion thereof, payable in respect of any examination referred to in section 19 conducted by or on behalf of the council;

(f) any charge payable for the purposes of the education fund referred to in section 15(5);

(g) fees payable for a service referred to in section 14(c);

(h) the fees payable for an appeal in terms of section 24(1); or

(i) any other fee or charge it considers necessary.

2. The council may grant exemption from payment of application fees, registration fees, annual fees, charges, or a portion thereof referred to in subsection (1).

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