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Updated: 29 September 2019

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18. Categories of Registration

1. The categories in which a person may register in the architectural profession are -

(a) professional, which is divided into -

(i) Professional Architect;

(ii) Professional Senior Architectural Technologist;

(iii) Professional Architectural Technologist; or

(iv) Professional Architectural Draughtsperson; or

(b) candidate, which is divided into -

(i) Candidate Architect;

(ii) Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist;

(iii) Candidate Architectural Technologist; or

(iv) Candidate Architectural Draughtsperson; or

(c) specified categories prescribed by the council.

2. A person may not practise in any of the categories contemplated in subsection (1), unless he or she is registered in that category.

3. A person who is registered in the category of candidate must perform work in the architectural profession only under the supervision and control of a professional of a category as prescribed.

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