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Updated: 29 September 2019

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20. Cancellation of Registration


(a) The council may cancel the registration of a registered person if he or she -

(i) becomes disqualified from registration as contemplated in section 19(3);

(ii) has erroneously been registered, or has been registered on information subsequently proved to be false; or

(iii) fails to pay the prescribed annual fee or portion thereof, within 60 days from it becoming due or within such further period as the council may allow, either before or after the expiry of the 60 days.

(b) The council must provide the registered person with a notice of a cancellation referred to in paragraph (a).

2. If a person who is registered as a candidate qualifies to be registered as a professional in terms of section 19(2)(a), the council must cancel his or her registration as a candidate.

3. The council must at the written request of any registered person cancel his or her registration, but where an investigation into alleged improper conduct by that person is in progress or is to be held, the registration may not be cancelled until the investigation has been concluded.

4. Despite the cancellation of the registration of a registered person in terms of this section, that person remains liable for any fee, arrears or penalty imposed by the council for the period that he or she was registered.

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