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Updated: 29 September 2019

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26. Identification of Work

1. The council must consult with -

(a) all voluntary associations;

(b) any person;

(c) any body; or

(d) any industry;

that may be affected by any laws regulating the built environment professions regarding the identification of the type of architectural work which may be performed by persons registered in any of the categories referred to in section 18, including work which may fall within the scope of any other profession regulated by the professions’ Acts referred to in the Council for the Built Environment Act, 2000.

2. After the process of consultation the council must submit recommendations to the CBE regarding the work identified in terms of subsection (1), for its consideration and identification in terms of section 20 of the Council for the Built Environment Act, 2000.

3. A person who is not registered in terms of this Act, may not -

(a) perform any kind of work identified for any category of registered persons;

(b) pretend to be, or in any manner hold or allow himself or herself to be held out as a person registered in terms of this Act;

(c) use the name of any registered person or any name or title referred to in section 18 or 21; or

(d) perform any act indicating, or calculated to lead persons to believe, that he or she is registered in terms of this Act.

4. Subsection (3)(a) may not be construed as prohibiting any person from performing work identified in terms of this section, if such work is performed in the service of or by order of and under the direction, control, supervision of or in association with a registered person entitled to perform the work identified and who must assume responsibility for any work so performed.

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