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Updated: 29 September 2019

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6. Auditing of recorded CPD activities

6.1 The Council may conduct random audits as it deems necessary and practicable of the CPD records of any RP who is required to undertake CPD in terms of these conditions.

6.2 The Council must advise the RP within 30 days after completion of an audit, of the outcome of such audit.

6.3 lf during such an audit the RP is assessed as not having met the requirements, his CPD record and verification documentation must be referred to the CPD Education Committee or the delegated entity thereof established by the Council for a decision regarding remedial steps to be taken by the RP. Such persons will automatically be earmarked for a re-audit during the next year.

6.4 lf a voluntary association or an accredited institution such as an Accredited Learning Site (ALS) has provided a CPD activity, written verification from such recognized voluntary association or accredited learning institution will be recognised as sufficient evidence of attendance.

6.5 Persons or organisations who desires validation of a Category 1 CPD activity must submit their portfolio of activities to a voluntary association or an architectural learning institution such as an ALS, to be validated.

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