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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Rule 2. Technical Competence & Professional Work

2.1 A registered person shall only undertake architectural work which is identified for the category of registration in which he/she is registered in terms of section 18 of the Act and in accordance with the registration categories in force.

2.2 Where work is carried out by a registered candidate, on behalf of a registered professional, such registered professional shall be responsible for ensuring that the person doing the work is competent to perform the task, and if necessary, appropriately registered and is adequately supervised.

2.3 A person registered in the category of candidate must perform work in the category for which he/she is registered under the direction, control and/or continual supervision of a registered professional entitled to perform such work and who must assume responsibility for any such work performed by the candidate.

2.4 A registered person shall regularly engage in continuing professional development activities in order to ensure that he/she keeps up to date with developments in the practice of architecture and to enhance and maintain his/her professional expertise and competence.

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