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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Rule 3. Promotion of Services

3.1 A registered person may only promote his/her professional services in a truthful and responsible manner.

3.2 Credit for work done during a period as a principal or employee of another architectural practice should make reference to such practice and be clearly described.

3.3 The name under which an architectural practice operates should not be misleading, or capable of being confused with that of another practice.

3.4 Services offered shall be described in a factual manner that is related only to the work of the professional disciplines and categories of registration represented in a practice.

3.5 A registered person shall declare to any potential client any business interests, including any interests in the business of trading in land or business of property developers, property auctioneers, estate agents, building contractors, subcontractors, suppliers in or to the building industry, or in a design-and-build practice, the existence of which interest, if not declared, would raise or may be likely to raise doubts about his/her integrity and impartiality as an independent professional.

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