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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Rule 4. Professional Responsibilities

A registered person shall only:

4.1 undertake to perform architectural work where the registered person has clearly set out in writing the terms of the appointment, which must inter alia include the following:

4.1.1 the scope of the work;

4.1.2 the services to be provided;

4.1.3 the allocation and limitation of responsibilities;

4.1.4 fee payable for the work or services, the method of calculating it (if appropriate) and the stage(s) at which it will be payable;

4.1.5 the budget (if applicable) or other cost limit for the project, work or service, and the method and implication of estimating costs;

4.1.6 provisions for termination of the agreement;

4.1.7 details of the professional indemnity insurance; and

4.1.8 provision for dispute resolution.

4.2 issue any drawings, specifications or documents in respect of work performed by him/her or by a person in his/her employ or by a member or employee of the architectural practice of which he/she is a member, which bears his/her name and/or registration number or the name of his/her architectural practice;

4.3 sign or otherwise identify as having been issued by him/her any building plan or document of which he/she or his/her architectural practice is the bona tide author or where such building plan or document has been prepared under his/her direct supervision;

4.4 submit plans to the local or other authority for approval, unless such submission is done under cover of an architectural compliance certificate as provided for in the annexure hereto;

A registered person shall

4.5 not receive, directly or indirectly, any commission or remuneration for recommending a particular contractor to a client for work on a building project;

4.6 not receive, directly or indirectly any royalty, gratuity, commission, or other remuneration on any article, fitting, installation or process used in or for the purpose of the work in respect of which he/she is employed, unless he/she has notified his/her employer or client, in writing, of such royalty, gratuity, commission or other remuneration;

4.7 not practice architecture during any period in respect of which his/her registration has been suspended;

4.8 not negligently issue any certificate in connection with any building project on which he/she is professionally engaged.

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