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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Rule 5. Establishment of an Architectural Practice & Carrying on of Business

5.1 Any registered principal who practices architecture in any form shall within 30 days of the establishment of a business inform the Council thereof in writing, giving full details of the practice name, address from which the practice is conducted, type of practice and names of partners, shareholders, directors or members.

5.2 The Council shall be informed of any changes in name, type, address, composition of a practice and its termination, within 30 days of the relevant occurrence.

5.3 The registered principals of a practice shall display their registration certificates in a prominent place in their office.

5.4 A registered person shall not, except with the permission of the Council and under such conditions as the Council may prescribe, enter into any professional relationship or association with any person who is not a registered person or a registered professional of a closely allied profession. Permission will not be granted if the person concerned:

5.4.1 is disqualified from registration under any provisions of the Act or from membership of any closely allied profession;

5.4.2 is qualified to register under any category provided for under the Act but has not done so.

5.5 Registered person(s) may not describe their practice as solely practicing architecture unless effective control in terms of majority shareholding, members interest or voting powers is in the hands of persons registered in terms of the Act.

5.6 Effective control of any multi-disciplinary professional firm, which also practices architecture, shall be in the hands of registered professionals and of registered professionals of closely allied professions.

5.7 Every office established for the purpose of conducting an architectural practice shall be under the continuous, direct and personal supervision of a registered professional. However the registrar may give permission for such office to be supervised on an intermittent basis for such period of time as the registrar may, at his/her discretion, determine, provided that a registered professional shall be present in such office for at least one full day per week during normal office hours and that the time of attendance is prominently displayed outside the office. Permission may be granted to allow time for the replacement of a registered professional who has left the practice or for the employment of staff where an office has to be established to provide services for a project.

5.8 The Council may order that an architectural practice be dissolved if any partner, member or shareholder who is not a registered person but is eligible for registration, has been guilty of any act which, had he/she been a registered person, would have constituted a breach of any provision of the Act or these rules.

5.9 The type of practice is determined by the most senior category of registered person actively practicing in the practice. The name "professional" can be omitted from the trading name of the practice. The practice shall not use a type which portrays itself to be in a more senior category than the registered principals of the practice.

5.10 Letterheads

The letterheads of the practice shall display the following:

5.10.1 Name of the architectural practice and type of practice;

5.10.2 The names of the principals and their registration numbers;

5.10.3 The category of registration of the principals, using the prescribed abbreviation;

        - Professional Architectural Draughtsperson (PrArchDraught)

        - Professional Architectural Technologist (PrArchT)

        - Professional Senior Architectural Technologist (PrSArchT)

        - Professional Architect (PrArch)

5.10.4 The professional designation and qualification of all principals who are not registered with the Council;

5.10.5 Physical and postal address, telephone, fax and email, CIPRO and VAT registration numbers, if applicable.

Practices or registered professionals may not display the Councils logo on any corporate stationery or letterheads, as it is copyrighted.

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