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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part E. Demolition Work

E1. Demolition of a Building

1. No owner of any site shall demolish or cause or permit to be demolished any building without the prior written permission of the local authority.

2. The local authority may, in granting such permission, impose any condition or requirements contemplated in subregulations F1(4) and (5) and regulation F2 for the safety, health and convenience of the public, and for the safety of any other building or installation which in its opinion may be affected by such demolition.

3. No person shall at any time during the course of or after the demolition of a building leave it in a condition dangerous to the public or any adjoining property.

4. Where a condition contemplated in subregulation (3) arises the local authority may serve a notice on such person requiring him to make the site safe, and if he fails so to do, the local authority may itself carry out the necessary work and recover the cost thereof from such person.

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