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Updated: 29 September 2019

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13. Exemption of Buildings from National Building Regulations and Authorization for Erection Thereof

1. Any building control officer may in respect of the erection of a building defined in the national building regulations as a minor building work, in writing -

(a) exempt the owner of such building from the obligation to submit a plan in terms of this Act to the local authority in question for approval;

(b) grant authorization for the erection of such building in accordance with the conditions and directions specified in such authorization.

2. Any authorization granted in terms of subsection (1)(b) shall lapse if after the expiry of a period of 6 months the erection of the building has not commenced, but the building control officer may from time to time extend such period at the written request of the owner of such building or any person having an interest therein if such building control officer is satisfied that there are sound reasons therefor.

[Sub-s. (2) substituted by s. 6 of Act 62 of 1989.]

3. If any building control officer refused to extend in terms of subsection (2) any period of 6 months referred to in that subsection, any person who feels aggrieved may in writing request the local authority in question to consider such refusal and thereupon such local authority may confirm such refusal or extend such period on such conditions as it may think fit.

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