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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part F. Site Operations

F1. Protection of the Public

1. In cases where danger or serious inconvenience to the public may ensue from the demolition or erection of a building on any site, the local authority may require that the owner of such site, before such work is commenced, shall erect a fence, hoarding or barricade to prevent the public from entering such site and to protect them from the activities on such site.

2. Such fence, hoarding or barricade shall for as long as is necessary be retained and maintained by such owner in a safe condition, and any access to such site, and the means thereof, shall be subject to approval.

3. No part of such fence, hoarding or barricade shall be removed without the permission, in writing, of the local authority until the work has been completed.

4. Any person undertaking any work of erection or demolition on any site shall confine all operations in connection with such work within the boundaries of such site and shall not encroach upon or over any street or public place abutting such site, except with the prior written approval of the local authority, and subject to the conditions contained in such approval with regard to the safety and convenience of persons using such street or public place.

5. The local authority may, before or during the erection or demolition of any building, impose any reasonable conditions in addition to the conditions and requirements contemplated in this regulation, for the purpose of safeguarding the interests of the general public, and every condition so imposed shall be observed by the owner.

6. Any owner who contravenes or causes or permits any other person to contravene a requirement of this regulation or fails to comply with any notice served on him by the local authority ordering compliance with this regulation, or contravenes any condition contained in any approval, shall be guilty of an offence.

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