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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part F. Site Operations

F3. Geotechnical Site and Environmental Conditions

1. Where the local authority has reason to believe that a site upon which a building is to be erected:

(a) is situated on contaminated land;

(b) is situated on potentially unstable land to the extent, insofar as risk can reasonably be foreseen, that ground movements caused by land-slip, slope stability or subsidence may impair the stability of the building or part thereof or pose a threat to the safety of occupants; or

(c) is underlain by subsoils which have the potential to cause foundation movements caused by swelling, consolidation, shrinkage or settlements and as a result may impair the stability of the building or part thereof;

it shall on receipt of an application for the erection of the building inform the applicant accordingly.

2. On receipt of any such notification or where the applicant is aware of such conditions or they are evident, such applicant shall appoint an approved competent person to undertake an appropriate geotechnical site investigation.

3. Such approved competent person shall, as appropriate, determine in accordance with accepted principles, methods and technical considerations, as relevant:

(a) whether or not the erection of a building on the site under subregulation (1)(a) or (1)(b) above should be permitted, and if so under what conditions, providing full details of the measures which need to be effected to fulfil such conditions and

(b) the magnitude of any potential total and differential movements to which the building or part thereof may be subjected to,

and shall report to the owner and the local authority such findings.

4. Geotechnical investigations conducted in accordance with the requirements of SANS 10400-B in the case of dolomite lands and SANS 10400-H in the case of foundations for buildings shall in terms of F3(2) be deemed to be appropriate investigations.

5. The measures contemplated in subregulations (3)(a) and (b) shall be applied in the erection of the building and the site works.

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