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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part F. Site Operations

F6. Control of Unreasonable Levels of Dust and Noise

1. The owner of any land on which excavation work is in progress or on which any building is being erected or demolished shall take precautions in the working area and on surrounding roads and footways to limit to a reasonable level the amount of dust arising from the work or surroundings thereof.


(a) No person shall during the course of any building, demolition or excavation work use any machine, machinery, engine, apparatus, tool or contrivance, which in the opinion of the local authority may unreasonably disturb or interfere with the amenity of the neighbourhood:

(i) on a public holiday or Sunday;

(ii) before 06:00 or after 17:00 on any Saturday; and

(iii) before 06:00 or after 18:00 on any day other than those days contemplated in subparagraphs (i) and (ii).

(b) The prohibition in paragraph (a) shall not apply in any circumstances in which the use of such machine, machinery, engine, apparatus, tool or contrivance -

(i) is urgently necessary in order to preserve the life, safety or health of any person;

(ii) is urgently necessary to preserve property;

(iii) has been authorized by the local authority; or

(iv) is necessary for the execution of work being carried out on behalf of any public authority.

4. Any owner or person who contravenes a provision of this regulation shall be guilty of an offence.

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