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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part G. Excavations

G1. General Stability Requirement

1. Where any excavation related to a building is carried Out or is to be carried out on any site and such excavation may impair the safety or stability of any property or service, the owner of such site shall take adequate precautionary measures to ensure that the safety and stability of such property or service is maintained.

2. While any such excavation remains open, and during the placing of any foundation within it, such excavation shall be maintained in a safe condition by the owner or person carrying out such excavation.

3. Where the safety or stability of any property or service is likely to be impaired by such excavation, or where the depth, at any point, of such excavation is likely to be more than 3 m, the owner of the site shall -

(a) obtain the prior written authorization of the local authority for such excavation; and

(b) take the precautionary measures specified by the local authority or an approved competent person in such authorization.

4. The owner of any site shall, at least seven days prior to the commencement of any excavation contemplated in subregulation (1), notify the local authority in writing of his intention to excavate.

5. Any owner or person who fails to comply with any requirement of this regulation, shall be guilty of an offence.

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