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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part J. Floors

J1. General Requirement

1. Any floor of any building shall -

(a) be designed and constructed to safely support its own weight and any actions which can reasonably be expected to occur and in such a manner that any local damage (including cracking), deformation or vibration do not compromise the efficient use of the building or the functioning of equipment supported by such floor; and

(b) have a fire resistance appropriate to its use and where required, be non-combustible.

2. The floor of any laundry, kitchen, shower-room, bathroom or room containing a toilet pan or urinal shall be water-resistant.

3. Any suspended timber floor in a building shall be provided with adequate under-floor ventilation.

4. Where any concrete floor slab is supported on ground or filling, such floor shall be so constructed that any moisture present in such ground or filling is prevented from penetrating such concrete floor slab.

5. The requirements of subregulations (1), (2), (3) and (4) shall be deemed to be satisfied where the design and construction of any floor complies with SANS 10400-J: Provided that where the local authority deems it necessary in order to satisfy the requirements of subregulation (4), such local authority may require that the entire area within the foundation walls of any building be covered by a suitable damp-proof membrane, and in the case of the floor of a basement or semi-basement where the highest known level of the extreme watertable is higher than the floor level of the basement to such an extent that uplift of the floor might occur, the local authority may require that adequate sub-soil drains under the floor be provided together with means of removing the water so drained.

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