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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part N. Glazing

N1. Type and Fixing of Glazing

1. Any material used in the glazing of any building shall be of a secure and durable type and shall be fixed in an manner and position that will ensure that it will -

(a) safely sustain any wind actions which can reasonably be expected;

(b) not allow penetration of water to the interior of the building; and

(c) be apparent, in the case of clear glazing, to any person approaching such glazing.

2. Glass, plastics and organic coated glass shall be selected in order to provide, in the case of human impact, a degree of safety appropriate in relation to -

(a) the position of the glazed area; and

(b) the number and likely behaviour pattern of persons expected to be in close proximity to such glazed area.

3. The requirements of subregulations (1) and (2) shall be deemed to be satisfied where the glazing material is selected, fixed and marked in accordance with SANS 10400-N.

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