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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part A. Administration

A1 - Application

A2 - Plans and Particulars to be Furnished

A3 - Preliminary Plans and Enquiries

A4 - Local Authority may require Additional Documents and Information

A5 - Application Forms and Materials, Scales and Sizes Of Plans

A6 - Site Plans

A7 - Layout Drawing

A8 - Plumbing Installation Drawings and Particulars

A9 - Fire Protection Plan

A10 - Symbols on Fire Protection Plan

A11 - Pointing Out of Boundary Beacons

A12 - Street Levels

A13 - Building Materials and Tests

A14 - Construction

A15 - Maintenance and Operation

A16 - Qualifications of a Building Control Officer

A17 - Certificate of Identity of a Building Control Officer

A18 - Control of Plumbers and Plumbing Work

A19 - Appointment of Persons Responsible for Design, Inspection and

        Assessment Duties

A20 - Classification and Designation

A21 - Population

A22 - Notice of Intention to Commence Erection or Demolition of a Building and

        Notices of Inspection

A23 - Temporary Buildings

A24 - Standardization of Interpretation

A25 - General Enforcement

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