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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part Q. Non-Water-Borne means of Sanitary Disposal

Q3. Construction, Siting and Access

1. Any such other means of sewage disposal shall be so constructed, sited and provided with access that the health and convenience of persons using such means shall not be adversely affected.

2. The number of sanitary receptacles shall be adequate for the population of the building served by such receptacles.


(a) The requirements of subregulation (1) shall be deemed to be satisfied where the design and construction, siting of, and access to such other means of sewage disposal complies with SANS 10400-Q; Provided however that where a local authority is of the opinion that the nature of the means of sanitary disposal is such that it is essential for such installation to be the subject of an approved rational design prepared by an approved competent person, such local authority shall, in writing, notify the owner of such building of its reasons for the necessity for such design and may require such owner to submit for approval plans and particulars of a complete installation based on such design.

(b) The requirements contained in subregulation (2) shall be deemed to be satisfied where the number of receptacles is in accordance with the requirements for the provision of sanitary fixtures contained in regulation F11 or P2, as the case may be.

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