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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Review Board Regulations

Regulation 13

1. The decisions of the board shall be taken by majority vote.

2. Any proceedings before the board may be adjourned by the chairman to such date, time and place as he may deem fit.

3. The board may at any time prior to its final decision in its discretion order any proceedings to be re-opened for the purpose of hearing or considering further evidence or arguments which, as may be directed by. the board, may be either oral or written.

4. The board may -

(a) dismiss the appeal and confirm the refusal or any conditional approval of the local authority; or.

(b) uphold the appeal in whole or in part, and

(c) order the local authority to pay a successful appellant an amount equivalent to the amount paid by the appellant in terms of regulation 9(3), or any part of such amount.

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