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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Review Board Regulations

Regulation 9

1. Any person desirous of appealing to the board in terms of the Act may -

(a) lodge with the Director-General for transmission to the chairman a notice of appeal in writing in which he shall set out the grounds on which such appeal is based; and

(b) simultaneously lodge a copy of such notice of appeal with the local authority in question.


(a) Any appeal shall be accompanied by such plans, specifications and documents as will enable the board effectively to deal with the appeal and the board may call for and the appellant shall submit any additional information it may require.

(b) Copies of such plans, specifications and documents shall similarly be delivered to the local authority in question.

(c) The local authority in question shall furthermore be furnished with a copy of any additional information obtained by the board in accordance with this subsection.

3. Any such notice of appeal lodged with the Director-General shall be accompanied by a fee of R100 which amount shall accrue to the council.

4. The board shall not be constituted unless the fee referred to in subregulation (3) has been paid.

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