An information source for the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act of SA and related Architectural Profession.


NBR&BS Act - Download - PDF

Incorporates legislative amendments published in Gazette No. 34586 dated 09 September 2011 - Environmental Sustainability and updated to include the Review Board Regulations. 


Below is a list of links to professional resources for architectural professionals in South Africa.

Built Environment Statutory Body

Council for the Built Environment (CBE)

Professional / Technical

National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS)

Agrément South Africa (AgrémentSA)
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)

CSIR Maps - SA Energy Zone Map
CBE Clima Tool - CBE Tool
Climate Data for Building Performance Simulation - Climate.OneBuilding.Org

Geological Hazards - Geohazard Map


SA Council for Architectural Profession (SACAP)

SA Institute of Architects (SAIA)
SA Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT)
SA Institute of Building Designers (SAIBD)
SA Institute of Draughting (SAID)
Freedom Architecture Consulting Empowerment (FACE)
The African Institute of Interior Design Professions (IID


SA Heritage Resource Agency (SAHRA)

Eastern Cape (ECPHRA)
Free State (FSPHRA)
Gauteng (GPHRA)
KwaZulu Natal (KZNPHRA)
Limpopo (LPHRA)
Mpumalanga (MPHRA)
North West (NWPHRA)
Northern Cape (NCPHRA)
Western Cape (WCPHRA)


Engineering Council Of South Africa (ECSA)

SA Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE)
SA Institution of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE)
Institute of Professional Engineering Technologists (IPET)
Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (ICMEESA)
SA Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE)
Consulting Engineers SA (CESA

Learning / Research Resources

International Council for Building (CIB)
MIT OpenCourseWare - M.I.T
New Zealand Digital Library Project - The University of Waikato
CSIR Research Publications - (CSIR)


South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession (SACLAP)

Institute of Landscape Architects of SA (ILASA

Intellectual Property

Innovus : Stellenbosch University
Creative Commons : CC

Natural Sciences

SA Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP)

SA Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Scientists (SAIEES)
South African Institute of Engineering & Environmental Geologists (SAIEG)

Council for Geoscience (CGS

Dispute Resolution

Arbitration Foundation of SA (AFSA)

Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA)

Quantity Surveying

SA Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession (SACQSP)

Association of SA Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS


SA Council for Planners (SACPLAN)

SA Association of Consulting Professional Planners (SAACPP)
SA Planning Institute (SAPI

Project Management

SA Council for Project and Construction Management Professionals (SACPCMP)

Project Management Association of South Africa (PMSA)


SA Geomatics Council (SAGC)

South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI


SA Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP)

The South African Institute of Valuers (SAIV