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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part S. Facilities for Persons with Disabilities

S2. Facilities to be Provided

1. In any building contemplated in regulation S1 requiring facilities for persons with disabilities:

(a) persons with disabilities shall be able to safely enter the building, use all the facilities subject to the provisions of subregulation (3) within it and leave it;


(b) there shall be a means of access suitable for use by persons with disabilities, from the main and ancillary approaches of the building to the ground storey; via the main entrance, and any secondary entrance;


(c) there shall be a means of egress suitable for use by persons with disabilities from any point in a building to a place of safety in the event of an emergency;


(d) any lift installation that is provided shall be capable of serving the needs of persons with disabilities who are likely to be using the building; and

(e) any commonly used path of travel shall be free of obstacles which limit, restrict or endanger the travel of persons with disabilities, or which prevent persons with disabilities from accessing the facilities provided in the building and the presence of such obstruction shall be made evident in a suitable manner to persons with impaired vision; and

(f) a suitable means of access shall be provided to any auditorium or hall situated in any building and such auditorium or hall shall, in relation to its seating capacity, be provided with sufficient open space to accommodate a reasonable number of people who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

2. Where parking for more than 50 motor vehicles is provided in or in connection with any building having a means of access contemplated in subregulation (1), adequate parking space shall be provided for the parking of motor vehicles used by persons with disabilities and a suitable means of access shall be provided from the parking area, whether such parking area be inside or outside such building, to the ground storey of such building.

3. Where, in terms of regulation P1, toilet facilities are required and the building is one requiring facilities for persons with disabilities in terms of regulation S1, an adequate number of such facilities shall be suitable for use by persons with disabilities: Provided that toilet facilities shall not be required in any such building classified as H3 in terms of regulation A20.

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