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Updated: 29 September 2019

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Part T. Fire Protection

T1. General Requirement

1. Any building shall be so designed, constructed and equipped that in case of fire -

(a) the protection of occupants or users, including persons with disabilities, therein is ensured and that provision is made for the safe evacuation of such occupants or users;

(b) the spread and intensity of such fire within such building and the spread of fire to any other building will be minimized;

(c) sufficient stability will be retained to ensure that such building will not endanger any other building: Provided that in the case of any multi-storey building no major failure of the structural system shall occur;

(d) the generation and spread of smoke will be minimized or controlled to the greatest extent reasonably practicable; and

(e) adequate means of access, and equipment for detecting, fighting, controlling and extinguishing such fire, is provided.

2. The requirements of subregulation (1) shall be deemed to be satisfied where the design, construction and equipment of any building complies with SANS 10400-T: Provided that where any local authority is of the opinion that such compliance would not comply with all the requirements of subregulation (1), such local authority shall, in writing, notify the owner of the building of its reasons for its opinion and may require the owner to submit for approval a rational design prepared by an approved competent person.

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